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thesixminutestepdad's podcast

Jul 7, 2017

Q. Tim I've never had a child and the woman I'm about to marry has a thirteen year old son I'm not sure where to start or the best way to be a stepdad to him, what would you do and how would you do it?  Tyler Fr. OH.

Fist 'fist bumps' for even asking the question Tyler, I've been there and will share somethings with you from an authentic Stepdad perspective. Not only do I have with me today Stacey James Wheeler ( 101/ and author of countless other books for stepdads) but we both will answer your question my man!

It's a double dose of the 6 Minute Friday Episode as I introduce my new Friday 'Co-Host' and we dive into Tyler's question together for 11 mins of Straight No-chaser Stepdad talk!


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