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thesixminutestepdad's podcast

Jun 13, 2017

Emmitt Muckles is the founder of 'The Billionaire Lifestyle' and is a passionate stepdad who joined 'The Six Minute Stepdad' for a chat on the mindset of the modern day stepdad. 

His approach to the function and role of a stepdad is closely mirrored to that of a mentor and elder. 

Emmitt Muckles,  is both Trainer , Public Speaker, business owner and a person who deeply cares about the well-being of  others. For many years of my life I struggled with stress in my life which was born from a single place, that being personal finance ignorance. I was trying my best to put on the presentation of everything being great and dandy in my life but the issue of finances made other areas of my life magnify negatively, All the stress was caused by the constant financial stress of living up to what society had programmed me to believe. The message, physical stuff made me happy, the newer the physical stuff, the more happy my life.

Slowly the pressure began to build to the point where something had to give. It’s funny when a dam breaks and you are down river of the metaphoric dam, you get caught totally off guard. When my dam broke I found myself $230,000.00 and upward to $300,000.00 dollars in debt with nothing to show for it. All in the name of having the representation of wealth and prosperity, and respect of others.

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